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How Fast Will Liz Warren’s Unionized Campaign Staff Plow Through Her Money?

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Being an undeclared communist means, you have to smile when your campaign staff wants to unionize. Warren did. Willingly. Had no choice. And now she has to pay.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign has agreed to let its staff unionize, according to a New Hampshire branch of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers….

“We began the process about two months ago to engage with them and to encourage them to become members,” Steve Soule, business manager for IBEW Local 2320, based in Manchester, N.H., told the Washington Examiner. “Once we had a simple majority [signed up], we approached the Warren campaign and received recognition.”

The union is not endorsing Warren, and we’ve no details about contact plans or demands. But the overarching question that matters most is this. How much more will it cost management to run that campaign? And given where Warren is polling – very distant but not unrespectable third – can she keep donations up to ensure that union contract does not deplete resources from other parts of her effort?

We will have to wait and see.

| Legal Insurrection