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Grafton Dem Holds All Gun Owners ‘Responsible’ and ‘Accountable’ for the Actions of Killers

Within seconds after the horrific mass killing in a Virginia Beach Municipal Building, the gun control crowd reared their ugly, ignorant, hateful heads and dipped their hands in the blood of the victims to push gun control in order to create even more victims.

Before even knowing any of the details of the killings or who the killer was, these people were demanding more gun control be put into place over law-abiding citizens. It should be noted that once again, the murders all happened in a gun free zone.

One New Hampshire State Representative went a step further and actually blamed ALL law-abiding, responsible gun owners for the actions of the killer.

Francesca “No sign of intelligent life anywhere” Diggs (D-Grafton District 16) in all her ignorant glory on Twitter:

This woman actually believes that all gun owners should be held accountable for the actions of a killer because he happened to use a firearm?

The killer also happened to be a man so should all men be held accountable?

The killer also happened to be black so should all black people be held accountable?

The killer also happened to be a civil servant so should all civil servants be held accountable?

Do you see just how incredibly STUPID this woman’s ‘emotional reasoning’ is?

The ONLY person who should be held responsible and accountable for the heinous actions of the killer is THE KILLER.

If you really want to talk about accountability Representative Diggs, maybe you should question why there was another mass killing in one of your beloved gun free zones. As usual, the killer didn’t abide by your gun control rules:

Here is something that people might want to consider. Virginia Beach bans employees from being able to carry guns. In addition, while it was indeed possible for a civilian to enter the “Operations Building” where the attack occurred, the “Operations Building,” as its name suggests, was a building where virtually only employees would be in.

Take a look in the mirror, Representative Diggs, if you want to hold someone other than the killer accountable and responsible. You and your fellow Democrats are trying to create even more victims in the State of New Hampshire with the gun control laws you’ve recently passed. Your gun control laws do nothing but enable criminals to prey on law-abiding citizens you’ve rendered defenseless due to your ignorance and hoplophobia.