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Gov. Sununu (in as kind a way as he thinks prudent) Should Tell NH Democrats to Go to Hell

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New Hampshire Democrats passed an arbitrary minimum wage hike that makes unskilled workers unemployable. And unable to get skills. To distract from that they are blaming Governor Chris Sununu’s salary.

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They are demanding he sign their legislative meddling into law and not take the full salary his job allows.

He should tell them, in as kind a way as he thinks prudent, to go to hell.

The governor’s job pays $132,500. Maybe that’s too high but Chris Sununu didn’t set the rate. And the laws and rules being what they are the job is due to get a raise. He can choose to take the whole sum or not. Past Governors have declined some small portion of their salary. But it’s not required. And whether anyone does or not has nothing to do with anything.

It certainly has no bearing on how Democrats feel about Chief Executives. How do we know this? President Trump donates all his annual salary to charity. The left craps all over him regardless. If Sununu gave in, they’d just lean into him harder.

So, don’t do it.

This is nothing but political theater. It is a cover. A distraction from the Left hook Democrats are trying to deliver to the gut of small Granite State business owners.

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Ending Entry level Jobs as We Know Them

We’ve covered this. The state-mandated minimum wage is inherently racist and elitist. It harms students, minorities, and immigrants. Low or no skill first-time workers will be hit hardest. Low entry level wages exist to allow for skills development for this class of workers. If you erase that by force you handicap the people you claim you want to help.

To distract from this fact New Hampshire Democrats are whining about the salary of a guy who, by refusing to play their stupid game, will allow the economy to create more job and millions in payroll for these same people. All without petty interventions from idiots at the state house who, if they cared at all about what the “little people” take home, would have lowered taxes, kept electric rates down and left business taxes alone.

They did the opposite. 

And raising the minimum wage only hurts those they claim it will help, but since Democrats can’t stop spending other people’s money, they need to convince themselves they care. So, they kick your employer in the crotch, steal his money, and your job (or your raise or benefits), and pretend they’re helping.

My suggestion to the governor is to challenge their fraud. Publicly and often. The evidence shows this won’t work. All the liberal ghettoes where the Left has arbitrarily defined the value of labor it’s not gone well. Emphasize New Hampshire’s circumstances and success without meddling.

Free markets work. New Hampshire is proof.

And whatever you do, do not give in to them. All you’ll get is more of the same.