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Facebook’s Community (Double) Standards – Drag Queen’s Pic No Biggie Until a Reader Shares it

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The Conway Pubic Library is having Sex performers promote gender dysphoria in children later this month. MiMi Malevolent, one of the two Drag Queens Scheduled, is on Facebook. Like most Facebook pages there are pictures. One of them shows a man in his underwear (sort of) touching himself. It could be Adam Robert’s (MiMi) or someone he fancies. But it’s on Facebook.

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Facebook is okay with it where it is. Which means it does not violate any standard or they have selectively ignored it.

Someone engaged in the debate about the appropriateness of MiMi “performing” at the Conway Public Library shared that Facebook photo. Facebook deemed it inappropriate.

The picture of a nearly naked man (which you can view here) did not violate Facebook’s community or nudity standards when posted on a Drag Queen’s Facebook page. But when one of our readers shared it, she gets benched for 24 hours.

Good to see Facebook’s standards have standards, and that we continue to see proof that they are tilted against the Right.

(I know, you know they are biased, but it’s nice to have examples).