Democrat Anti-Gun Platform Speech Near NRA headquarters Draws…Nobody.

Swalwell NRA gun grab speech

Presidential hopeful Eric Swalwell (D- 0%) held a planned speech near the NRA’s Virginia headquarters. He’ promoting confiscatory overreach similar to that seen in Australia and (Trigger warning for Twitter) New Zealand.

The speech “attracted” 18 people, not including press, most of whom appear to be attached to the campaign. Look at them. They are all staffers or a family member of a staffer. And anyone who has ever been part of a campaign knows it, which makes this even more embarrassing.

Not only did no one show up for this important speech about denying Americans their second amendment rights, (that close to the Democrat heart of Darkness in DC) Swalwell’s campaign could only manage to scrounge up 18 bodies.

| Breitbart