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Weed Nation – How about Legalizing Medical Marijuana for Pets?

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The Weed lobby got big, fast. It has cash, influence, and momentum. So, why get off the dance floor now when you’ve just got your groove? People are buying and buying in so hey, what about pot for pets?

California is considering a law that would allow vets to prescribe medical marijuana for pets. 

The California Senate voted 33-0 Thursday to let pet owners 18 and older purchase medical marijuana for their animals if they have a recommendation from a veterinarian who has completed a specific course.

The bill would give veterinarians the same protections as doctors who recommend marijuana for human patients. And it would prevent the Veterinarian Medical Board from disciplining veterinarians who recommend marijuana.

Vets can’t prescribe pot. It’s illegal. So the California law would be a first. But if you are jonesing for something similar, there’s already a substantial alternative market for this. Hemp oils and drops, Hemp chews, Meowijuana. It’s very above board.

One thing I did learn is that you should not self-dope your dog. Human and animal physiology is different so, you could run into trouble. “Signs of overconsumption can include vomiting, diarrhea, trouble with equilibrium, or seeming zoned-out or spacey.” 

So stick with human self-prescribing when legal or where you just don’t care.

“Dude. Your dog looks paranoid. No, that’s you.”

Or move to California. Though, you’d have to be mighty desperate to put up with all the other nonsense on the left coast to obtain legal pet marijuana.