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We got friends – not so much, Eric Turer?

See, I promised that we wouldn’t forget Eric “The Silencer” Turer of Brentwood.  Remember, he’s the guy that spoke to the Brentwood Selectmen a bit ago with a full head of steam on censoring the all-volunteer monthly Brentwood Newsletter simply because they had the temerity to actually do REAL journalism – putting up  NH State Rep Liz McConnell’s voting record.  Three different approaches, I might add – just showing that Progressives won’t take no for an answer when they think they can bully someone into appeasement mode.

Sidenote: Hey, Liz and Eric, I’ll extend an offer to you – want to debate Kimberly Morin and I over this, mano-y-mano?  We’ll bring the equipment to livestream it so EVERYONE can watch and comment on the debate.  Heck, with all of GraniteGrok’s gear, we can even have call-ins.  So what say you – willing to have an open debate?  You bring a moderator and we’ll bring one too.  What say you?

Sorry – got distracted.  So, a friend of the ‘Grok sent this to me – Eric Turer’s Letter to the Editor announcing he was running for the NH House of Representatives. I found two things rather puzzling:

Sep 6, 2018
To the Editor:

My name is Eric Turer and I am running to represent Brentwood, Fremont, and Danville in the NH House of Representatives (District 33). My family has lived in Brentwood for nearly twenty years, and we have a deep love of this community and state. In those years I have come to appreciate what makes New Hampshire truly unique.

Having lived in NY and MA prior to moving to NH, I have marveled at the impressive results that our state is able to achieve with a much lower overall tax base. That doesn’t happen by accident – NH works because we care and we pay attention. In recent years, however, I feel that the legacy of careful management of our state’s scarce resources, and promotion of civic engagement, has been threatened by legislative efforts based on ideology and outside priorities, rather than what is best for our communities and state. This has been particularly true of votes cast from this House seat. Our towns deserve better representation than that. I believe that I bring a unique perspective, and a seriousness of purpose, to the legislative process. I have a Masters of Business Administration in health care and nearly thirty years of public health consulting experience, here in NH and nationally, focused on policies and programs to improve access and results in the health care system. I have seen the best and worst of what government can do to solve problems, and I believe I know the difference. Smart government comes from policies that match the issues, not from reflexive ideology. I am a ‘numbers’ person, with a deep sense of empathy and practicality about what works. I have jumped deeply into issues related to health care and education in my community when issues have arisen.

My wife practices medicine, as an Ob/Gyn in Exeter, and my children have benefited greatly from our excellent local school system, so these topics are personal to me. If elected, I will always work to understand the root cause of problems, and the local impact of policies and legislative proposals under consideration.

I am running as a Democrat, in what I know is a historically ‘red’ district. I can’t win without the support of Independents and Republicans from our towns, and frankly I wouldn’t want to. I cherish alternate views and debate on issues … the strongest steel is made by pounding on it. This is my first campaign, though I initially got involved in political action in 2003 when my children were young and I could see their future threatened by misguided state and federal government actions. Fifteen years later I feel we are again at a perilous crossroads, and I hope to have a hand in leading us back to the principles that have defined NH’s success for so long.

I would be honored to have your vote and I welcome any opportunity to discuss what is important to you. Please visit my campaign Facebook page to learn more or to get in touch, www.facebook.com/ETforStateRep.

Eric Turer

So, what were those two things?

To be continued…because this would end up being WAY too long.  But I will tell you, it is indicative of how Democrats run for office here in NH.