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The NH State Rep Liz McConnell Word of the Day: Intimidation

Brentwood Newsletter

To be fair, it was either the word “intimidation” or the word “Silence!” (“be silent”, “silencing”, “shut up and stop talking about me and my NH House voting record.”. Could have even used “Liar.”  Why?

Because I watched the entire video of the Brentwood Selectmen meeting and determined that it was a PERFECT display of the Progressive retribution of silencing those who rise in opposition to them (by both Liz McConnell and Eric Turer). And here it is (starting at 1:02:00 just before McConnel and Turer tried to hijack both the Selectboard and the Brentwood NewsLetter for their own political agenda (er, “stop catching us as being Progressives!!!! SHUT UP, we say!”).

So here’s the Cliff notes on supporting the title of the post:

Eric Turer goes after the Brentwood NewsLetter itself – a band of volunteers that are simply putting out a monthly newsletter of the going’s on in town.  Note too, that Eric Turer, in a fierce and awesome flourish, vows to set up a competing entity under the rubric of “more speech not less speech!” – er, NOT! THAT concept never enters his Progressive head.

Here are my raw notes as I was watching:

  • 1:13:34 – Eric Turer (Chair of the Brentwood Democrats and McConnell campaign staff member) mentions GraniteGrok. Actually reads our ABOUT page!
  • 1:20:12 – Liz goes off on the board on whether or not the NewsLetter is an “agent” of the Town:
    “That’s YOUR opinion and it may be the collective opinion of the board” as she starts pushing to get a legal opinion on the relationship (e.g., can I get this shut down by you NOW for insurance reasons). Asking as a “taxpayer”.
  • 1:21:13 – SB Christiansen at says that if no name on it, the NewsLetter ought to reject the article (gets immediately slapped down by it.
  • 1:35:10 So Turer’s whole beef is that a short description of the bill was used instead of the actual title? Of COURSE it is as the title says NOTHING about what the bill DOES
  • 1:36:55 Grok is mentioned again. Kimberly speaks up. Turer also uses this time to proposes “standards” to be used by the (independent) NewsLetter
  • 1:41:13 Turer is also unhappy that “you would have to go and do the work to see the bill” even as the NewsLetter gives a link to the NH.GOV site.
  • 1:41:27 Liz claims her votes are not accurate.
  • When challenged on the bill number (HB109) and how she voted, Liz deflected and said “I voted on a bill that did not have that title
  • She then refuses to say how she voted on HB109.
  • This ends at 1:43:39

Some Quick Thoughts on it:

  • Thanks, Eric, for telling everyone there that we AREN’T YOU.  It made it clear that WE are clear about being Conservative and making no bones about it.  We GLADLY tell people who we are, what we think, and what our political biases are. As opposed to you both who are trying to sneak under that radar screen of putting up an image of one thing in public and then showing true colors in voting.
  • The entire sorry episode was about both shutting down the BNL and then putting into place some mechanism to “regulate” their speech
    • Go after their independenceOutright censorship: the SELECTBOARD MUST STOP THEM FROM WRITING ABOUT US!
    • Go after their independenceTake away their money: the Selectboard must stop supporting them in their budget (er, that was put in by Citizen petition – so both Turer and McConnell are actually dissing their fellow townfolk?)
    • Change tactics: Make them part of government – make it seem that the BNL is an “agent” of the town thus a risk to taxpayers legally and insurance wise (laying the groundwork for the Selectboard TO assume oversight and then being able to shut them down (at worst) or make them into a house organ (much better as it has the illusion of Free Speech but won’t write about McConnell’s voting record again).
    • Change tactics again -make the BNL accept a set of Progressive editorial standards (which was “smoothly” done by Turer in being “bipartisan”).  I didn’t see what they were but I’m betting it was another type of “collar and leash” – hope somebody sends them to me.
  • The Progressive mantra – be very picky about something to deflect about the main points.  In this case, how the BNL used the bill numbers and a short description and not the actual title of the bill.  My gosh – they made the big stink about that but it is a Progressive tactic to change the debate (especially when it is detrimental to themselves).  I.E., make the OTHER person look bad – a manifestation of the tactic of personal destruction.

And some others:

  • Oh, and helping, Eric and Liz, our readership numbers. After all, I’ve been say that the Left reads us for YEARS.  Thanks for the confirmation and thank you for taking your valuable time in reading GraniteGrok (note that it is only 1 word and not 2 – remember that going forward!) which takes away from doing Progressive thingies….
  • Selectboard Chair Robert Mantegari did well with his opening monologue about the relationship of the Powers of the Selectboard in relationship to the BNL (e.g., they are independent and we have NO Power over them).
  • Selectman Ken Christiansen showed an amazing lack of knowledge about the First Amendment as he, as a member of Government, told the BNL staffers that if someone sends in an article without their name, reject it.  Really?  An elected Government official expressly going against both the First Amendment AND NH Constitution’s Article 22 in trying to suppress speech?

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

[Art.] 22. [Free Speech; Liberty of the Press.] Free speech and Liberty of the press are essential to the security of Freedom in a State: They ought, therefore, to be inviolably preserved.

It’s almost time that we subject all Govt officials to exams on our founding documents because it is becoming clear that they are well on their way to being NoNothings in this regard. Thankfully, the BNL person snapped at him “that isn’t Democratic” (in the true sense of the word and not just as a party affiliation).

The worst thing about watching the video is listening to how hard NH State Representative Liz McConnell tries to distance herself from her own votes.  She can’t.

We won’t let her.