Really New Hampshire GOP? The Life of a Heinous Cop-Killer More Important Than the Lives of Seven, Eight, Nine Month Old Unborn Babies?


The last time somebody was executed in New Hampshire was 1939. The only person affected by repealing the statutory death penalty is a convicted cop-killer, whom nobody argues was falsely convicted.

Contrast this to the real death penalty that takes place probably daily in New Hampshire. The most permissive abortion laws in the country. Unborn babies can be aborted for any reason, by any means, in the seventh, eight and even in the ninth month of pregnancy.

Yet the people and groups on the Left pushing for repeal of the death penalty have no problem whatsoever with this type of infanticide. And that is exactly what aborting an unborn baby in the second and third trimesters is: INFANTICIDE. The Left can call it “women’s health care,” “choice,” “reproductive rights” or whatever euphemism they prefer to avoid calling it infanticide. But it is still INFANTICIDE.

Any GOP legislator who votes to override the Governor’s veto in order to spare the life of a convicted cop-killer, while turning a blind-eye to New Hampshire’s real death penalty, is making the statement that they agree with the Left that life of that heinous cop-killer is worth more than the lives of the unborn seven, eight and nine month old babies killed under New Hampshire’s real death penalty.

Whatever your view on the statutory death penalty, it is unarguable that the debate over the bill vetoed by the Governor is virtually completely theoretical because New Hampshire nearly never utilizes the statutory death penalty. In contrast, it is unarguable that New Hampshire’s real death penalty takes innocent lives regularly.

It is the latter that calls for immediate action, not the former. Yet the GOP is acting like ending the statutory death penalty that we do not use cannot wait, while there is no urgency about ending New Hampshire’s real death penalty.

Does the GOP really want to send the message that on the issue of life they stand with the Left? That snuffing out the lives of unborn seven, eight and nine month old babies for any reason and by any means is “women’s health care”? Are they really that desperate for a pat on the head from the Democrats and press?