MSNBC is Already Pushing Pro-Iran Propaganda - Granite Grok

MSNBC is Already Pushing Pro-Iran Propaganda


I’m not interested in a war with Iran. I’m hoping nothing happens to start one. But MSNBC is ready to pick sides, and it’s not with the United States, at least not under President Trump.

This week AM Joy turned a hackery double play by hosting Iranian backed propagandist Trita Parsi and noted grifter Malcolm Nance, who fancies himself an expert on terrorism and Russia (he was once a cryptologist in the Navy nearly 20 years ago, otherwise he has no actual background in those areas). The topic was Iran and level-headed analysis was in short supply.

Nance sounded off by painting Iran as some kind of super-state, capable of destroying U.S. forces and bombing every major military target in the Gulf region.

The analysis at RedState is worth your time, but I’ll synopsize it for you here. MSNBC has opened its doors to apologists and professional lobbyists for the Islamic State of Iran. The messaging goes unchallenged. The state of military preparedness could be coming from (as Bonchie notes) Baghdad Bob. From people, MSNBC is foisting on its viewers – who I am sure are lapping it up – as ‘experts.’

They are experts, at pushing Iran’s global agenda to western audiences.

And with media allies like MSNBC, the coming weeks will make for exciting conversation and bucket-loads of easy content.