ICYMI 2 - GrokMeetup - 5/20 (Monday) at "The Pub Restaurant" in Keene NH 7-9pm - Granite Grok

ICYMI 2 – GrokMeetup – 5/20 (Monday) at “The Pub Restaurant” in Keene NH 7-9pm


UPDATE: I was asked what was on the “talk menu” for today – my quick response was that we’ll talk about:

  • Liberty and Freedom, of the ability to make our own choices and how government can be helpful but often outright sucks at what it tries to do instead of what it should be doing (and doing it excellently).
  • Free speech and the freedom of religious liberty over statutes or ordinances that camoflauge the attempt to reduce that liberty of Free Expression to that, as Obama put it, freedom of worship but only within your house of worship.
  • Anti-semiteism and political correctness and how the Left is becoming repressive and regressive – and that they can’t/won’t tell us what their “Progress”‘s end game is outside of overworn talking points of tolerance, love, unity, and compassion even as they call us dumb, Deplorables, and Irredeemables.

That should be a good start!


The Pub (“Keene’s oldest family restaurant”):

The Pub Restaurant
131 Winchester Street
Keene, New Hampshire 03431
(603) 352-3135

When: 7-9pm in their function room.

Cover: $8.00 (a bit more expensive than where we have been meeting). I’m not going to do EventBrite this time but we can now process credit cards and cash is always welcome. And if you’re curious, we do have GraniteGrok caps available (suggested donation price of $20). Hopefully in the near future, we’ll have various types of other GrokGear as well.

Yep, first time out in the western part of the State. However, if you remember, we did do a poll:

Location – if we are going to rotate locations, where will they be?   I originally put up 14 choices so as to cover the entire State geographically. The top picks were:

  • Concord: 57%
  • Manchester: 42%
  • Laconia / Portsmouth / Keene: 28% each

We’ll start with these locations and later, add in some of the others that got votes (Salem, Lebanon) or others that may come up as we roll this out.

We’ve done the first two places, and with Keene, three out of the five.  The remaining two?  Planning has already started.

I’m open to suggestions – if you think you know of a spot that would hold us (we had 25 readers and 10 Groksters at the last one at Murphy’s in Manchester), allow us to rearrange the furniture so as to better talk with everyone, and reasonably priced appetizers, let us know in the comments!