"Do Laconia's Democrats really represent the voters?" - Granite Grok

“Do Laconia’s Democrats really represent the voters?”

To The Daily Sun,

The Democrat-controlled New Hampshire House just voted in support of SB 263. This bill would allow, in public schools, trans-gendered boys to play on all-girl teams. It would further set the stage for transgendered students the ability to sue faculty for “misgendering” them by using their biological sex pronoun.

Two of Laconia’s leading “pillars,” Democrats Charlie St. Clair and David C. Huot, voted in favor of this. Is this what Laconians want, or find important? Males playing with, and competing against, girls? Is this what they were elected to do?

Elections have consequences. And just because someone is a nice guy, or your neighbor, or maybe even active in your church in a very public way, it doesn’t mean that they actually share, or are willing to uphold basic traditions and values — or even understand basic biology. Make no mistake: These two are nothing more than active, enthusiastic supporters of the radical progressive agenda as espoused by any number of the crazies we see at the national level.

Beware wolves in sheep’s clothing!