Uber driver Fired for Refusing to Take Woman to Her Abortion (Now She Wants to Sue Him) - Granite Grok

Uber driver Fired for Refusing to Take Woman to Her Abortion (Now She Wants to Sue Him)


It’s the sad tale of a 20-year old college girl — upstate New York. No car. It’s just too expensive. Get’s pregnant (I guess that’s affordable). Decides she wants an abortion but can’t get an appointment that works for her at a local PP. On the one-hour trip to a different “clinic,” the Uber driver decides he can’t be part of her “healthcare choice.”

You can read all the fine details at Daily Wire.com. But, long story short, the driver took the fare but suspected and then figured out on the way where she was going. He tries to talk her out of it. Gets her halfway there, then backs out.

He offers to bring her back. He waits a while.

“I got out of the car and immediately started crying,” the student wrote. “I called my parents each three times but they didn’t pick up. Then I called my boyfriend and he picked up right away. He managed to calm me down and told me to let the clinic know what was happening and to call some local cab companies.”

She does get to her clinic late but keeps her “appointment.”

But she’s not happy. She calls Uber. She files a police report. Uber decides to ban him. Probably the right decision for Uber. You don’t accept to provide a ride then don’t, though I get why he couldn’t be a part of that. But it’s a decision he needed to make a lot sooner. 

So, is filing a lawsuit against the (now former) Uber driver the right approach for the young lady? Yes, she is thinking about suing him. Not Uber. The driver.

On what grounds? For what restitution?

I’m curious to see if she finds a lawyer who takes the case and how it proceeds. Maybe they can get a lawyer for her former fetus. She or he (don’t gender my fetus!) was, after all, in the car too. 

| The Daily Wire