“Steven Crowder: ‘My YouTube channel could be gone in ten days”

Given that our Twitter account has been locked since the beginning of April (because I REFUSE to remove Steve’s tweet pointing to this post – New Zealand advances Weapons ban on a vote of 119-1), I can sympathize with / for Steve (aka “Louder with Crowder”). The problem is that I don’t make a living from either GraniteGrok OR Twitter (thank Heaven!) – he does (reformatted, emphasis mine):

…According to Crowder, YouTube flagged his “Dr. Trump” parody for copyright infringement, placing Crowder’s channel in jeopardy of being permanently removed.

“I know that you hear a lot about shadow banning, demonetization, or a lot of Chicken Littles out there, but I do want to at least inform you in case this channel goes away for good as to why,” Crowder said.

Crowder explained that his “Dr. Trump” parody video received the three strikes within the span of one week, prompting YouTube to flag the video, which could potential leading to a permanent ban. According to Crowder, YouTube claims they want conservatives on their platform because it promotes “a healthy discussion,” but has banned, demonetized and restricted his “Change my Mind” videos on several occasions in the past.

We on the Right know that’s pretty much just useless words by YouTube (and Twitter).  Every day I see a couple of reports (or more) of this name or that name getting deplatformed and when those shutdown ask for  reasons, they pretty much get the same response as me – Community Values.  You go to that page and you can see NOTHING that pertains to your tweet or video. I certainly could not determine how Steve’s tweet violated anything.  Crowder’s video is a PARODY – the legal term is fair use and when copyrighted material is used as a foundation for a parody, the parody gets a lot of legal protection. After all, Weird Al Yankovich would have been a one hit wonder if parody wasn’t protected.

Good thing for us that Steve is posting our stuff over at Gab!

(H/T: The Blaze)