Remember When Harry Reid Got 'Beat Up' By an "Exercise Band"? He Sued the Manufacturer and Got 'Beat Up' In Court - Granite Grok

Remember When Harry Reid Got ‘Beat Up’ By an “Exercise Band”? He Sued the Manufacturer and Got ‘Beat Up’ In Court

Harry Reid injury

Harry Reid’s departure from politics was preceded by an actual beating. Who delivered it? The former Senate Majority Leader claimed his injuries were the result of an exercise band. To make that story look legitimate, he sued a company that makes them. He lost.

Former Senator Harry Reid lost his civil case against TheraBand last week. Reid was seriously injured in 2015 while exercising with the band in his bathroom. He later sued the manufacturer claiming the product was unsafe for use by elderly people like himself. But during the trial, attorney Laurin Quiat who represented the company that manufacturers TheraBand, showed clips of Reid telling various stories about his injury, some of which contradicted things he said on the stand during the trial.

So, a Democrat politician has issues with the truth. Go figure.

And we are also meant to believe that the injuries received from the ‘exercise band’ were not what lead him the Senate minority leader to leave politics for the quiet life of someone who got rich off government then sued a business to prove he was ‘beat up’ by an exercise band.

In his bathroom

I’m sure Harry Reid’s bathroom is palatial.  He could probably handball in there all day. Or maybe this thing here assuming someone is willing to let him. But as Louder with Crowder notes

The real hiccup was there was no evidence Harry Reid even used the TheraBand at all, since the band was nowhere to be found. Supposedly Harry Reid’s son tossed it after the accident. Which is exactly what you’d do if you later wanted to sue the company who wasn’t responsible for being an incompetent idiot who was, for the record, not punched by his brother. It was totally a band, you guys. Totally. Not the drunken brother who has a history of punching people. It was the band. For sure.

Harry doesn’t get much attention anymore but when he does this is it. 

That sort of, kind of, almost makes me smile.

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