'Letter' Perpetuates and Propagandizes a Climate Lie - Granite Grok ‘Letter’ Perpetuates and Propagandizes a Climate Lie

AOC-world-end-climate 12 years

Last weekend there was a Climate Youth Summit at St. Paul’s School. They called it the Concord Youth Climate Summit, but Climate Youth has more sinister connotations and is a more accurate portrayal of the purpose.

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A Climate Youth, who shall remain nameless, in a letter to noted that the “summit further proves that today’s youth are the leaders in fighting climate change.” And that, “We only have 12 years to avert climate catastrophe.”

New Hampshire’s youth (we are told) is ready to act.

Laugh or cry, the problem here has nothing to do with the weather (climate) and everything to do with the classroom climate. Climate Proselytizing is a primary function of not just government education but nearly all education. Young minds are being programmed to buy in so that for the majority of their lives they more willingly pay in.

The cost will be heavy, the results inconclusive, but the program will always be near collapse, the consequences, dire. With government ever being the only cure.

And opposition to this prescription for these and other chronic ills will be, given the current trends in education, verboten.

Image: Utah Independent