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US Dept. Of Education Will No Longer Bar Religious Schools From Qualified Federal Funds

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New Hampshire Democrats have been shouting themselves blue in the face about ‘public money’ going to religious schools through private scholarships. First, that’s not public money. Second, even if it were the state cannot categorically deny funding based on religion.

The Trinity Lutheran Church decision made that clear. And The US Department of Education agrees. It will no longer enforce federal law barring religious organizations from participation in qualified programs.

In a press release accompanying her announcement, DeVos declared that, “Those seeking to provide high-quality educational services to students and teachers should not be discriminated against simply based on the religious character of their organization.”

Frederick Hess and Brenda Bell, writing at National Review further note that this fixes inconsistencies in the application of the ban.

Bizarrely, under the law, religious organizations have been permitted to provide services such as after-school tutoring to public-school students, even as they’ve been barred from providing the same services to private-school students. The secretary’s decision corrects the government’s puzzling policy of intermittent religious discrimination.

For added clarification,

“If the prohibitions in question were being applied to religious organizations that had spent funds inappropriately or engaged in proselytizing while on the federal dime, that would be one thing. But the issue here is wholesale, categorical discrimination against organizations of faith, simply because they’re organizations of faith…”

Which is unconstitutional, even in New Hampshire, but irrelevant with regard to private donor scholarships to private individuals who happen to choose a private school run by a religious organization. Even if the state allows them to take a tax credit.

Unless you’ve forgotten, there are mountains of tax deductions permitted for private donations to religious organizations. So, stop being Union stooges. Parents have a right to choose where and how their children are educated. A right they should cherish!

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