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Tough Guy David Meuse Calls ICE the “New Gestapo”

Democrat State Representative David Meuse is a real tough guy. When he’s hiding behind his keyboard, that is. Because unlike a real face-to-face encounter Meuse can “block you” if you push back against his vitriol and calumny:

Well here is what the tough guy had to say about ICE … from behind his keyboard of course:

ICE is the “new Gestapo.”

I am sure the tough guy would say that’s misquoting him, that he was criticizing the GOP for “turn[ing] ICE into the new Gestapo.” OK, so the tough guy thinks ICE agents are the equivalent of Nazi guards at Concentration Camps – just following orders.

Disgusting and false either way. ICE is enforcing the laws -you know that rule of law thing, tough guy- and keeping us safe.

This kind of thinking is, sadly, mainstream within today’s Democrat Party. If you do not agree with them it is because you are a racist or, in this case, a Nazi.