This one is Hard to Believe, Even if you Believe in Socialism - Granite Grok

This one is Hard to Believe, Even if you Believe in Socialism


Eggs are rationed in Cuba. The same type of eggs we have here in capitalist America. They are regular eggs from chickens. Nothing fancy.

“Eggs have been rationed in Cuba since the Castro dictatorship implemented the “ration book” back in early 1962. It appears that despite nearly six decades of tackling the food shortage problem on the island, socialism continues to fail miserably.”

I completely understand socialist countries not being able to produce toilet paper for the general public. You need a factory, pulp from trees, electricity, workers, etc., to make toilet paper. But eggs?

Our little NH ranch had chickens for years. They eat very little for what you get – a healthy food, easily stored, usable in hundreds of ways.

In Cuba, there is no 10 below zero weather. No need to buy store bought chicken food. Chickens almost fend for themselves in the summer. They eat bugs and scraps, drink minimal amounts of water, take up little room, and are fun to watch. And you can make new chickens just from eggs!

The problem must be the Castro billionaires forcing the general population to eat all those scraps. You would think an intelligent communist dictator would force people to live on eggs and chickens. But that is not the case in Cuba.

The Cuba style of socialist government keeps people just hungry and oppressed enough to remain docile and malleable. If not, you must beat, kill, or imprison them.

It’s the simple things like rationed eggs that eventually force humans to accept their fate. Communists know that all too well.

Here in the capitalist US, with a representative form of government, backed by a constitution, a lack of eggs is unheard of. Some enterprising individual or group would make sure we could get affordable eggs and toilet paper.

Do you know why?

In America, we are all blessed with an unending supply of things like eggs, toilet paper, and guns – millions of guns in the hands of people who like eggs and toilet paper.

It’s the simple things that determine freedom, two eggs over, hash browns, a cup of coffee, and a semi-auto 9mm.