RED ALERT: Gun Control Bill March 26thRED ALERT: Gun Control Bill March 26thRED ALERT: Gun Control Bill March 26th - Granite Grok

RED ALERT: Gun Control Bill March 26th

Gun Control in NH

From the Women’s Defense League

Once again, despite New Hampshire consistently being celebrated as one of the ‘SAFEST STATES in the COUNTRY,’ certain legislators want to implement legislation that is written by out-of-state gun control organizations from California and New York.

New York City billionaire, Micheal Bloomberg, is spending a LOT of money to push gun control in our safe and peaceful Granite State via extremist gun control organizations and his organization who claims they are for gun safety. Of course, they have absolutely nothing to DO with actual gun safety and everything to do with gun CONTROL over law-abiding citizens.

Bloomberg also likes to send people from Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont and even Colorado to push gun control in OUR state.


Show up at the hearings. You do not have to testify. You can sign in against these destructive gun control measures and show the legislature that, as always, Granite Staters refuse to kowtow to out-of-state organizations seeking to harm their protected fundamental human right to self defense.

Criminal Justice Committee

Room 204, Legislative Office Building

11:00 AMHB 564, AN ACT relative to possession of firearms in safe school zones.

Supporters of this bill claim it is only ‘codifying’ the Federal Gun Free School Zone Act – THEY ARE LYING.

This legislation is using the definition of a School Zone under New Hampshire law – which includes school property AND school buses.

From the RSA they are citing in the legislation:
II. “Safe school zone” means an area inclusive of any school property or school buses.

V. “School property” means all real property, physical plant and equipment used for school purposes, including but not limited to school playgrounds and buses, whether public or private.

If you end up driving behind a school bus and you are carrying a firearm for protection, on your way to work in the morning, this legislation makes you a CRIMINAL.

If your child takes home a school uniform, you are a CRIMINAL if you dare have firearms to protect your family.

This legislation will turn virtually ALL of New Hampshire into a Gun Free Zone.


Let’s not forget that over 98% of mass shootings happen in gun free zones. Opening up our schools and any ‘areas’ or ‘property’ of the schools into gun free zones, where even law-abiding citizens cannot carry firearms, is nothing but a BEACON for psychopathic criminals who seek out the defenseless

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Don’t forget to sign the petition to ask Governor Sununu to HOLD THE LINE


This is the mindset of those who continue pushing gun control in New Hampshire (and across the country). They are creating laws based on the lawless. It is not about safety, it’s about CONTROL. It’s not about controlling criminals, it’s about controlling the law-abiding.