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Quick Shot: Sex In Sport – Women Can’t Compete With Men in Professional Sports

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The long and short of it is this. Male Professional athletes will beat their female counterparts no matter what gender anyone claims. This excerpt from Sex in Sport makes that point about as clearly as you can. Testerone matters. And you can’t even pretend to make it close.

“in the case of sex and sport, “there are some hard truths that deserve to be trumpeted.” There is a significant performance difference between males and females from puberty onward. Testosterone is the primary driver of that difference. There is a wide gap, no overlap, between the male and female T ranges.”

Here’s but one very poignant example from the article. Two champions trained in the same sport. With similar physical traits.

[T]he performance gap holds even when we adjust for the fact that the best elite athletes are “freaks of nature” and that their success can be largely attributed to their unusual physical traits. Sex, specifically testes and their effects, matter in ways that other biological differences among athletes do not.

For example, swimmer and multiple Gold Medalist Missy Franklin is six feet two inches tall with a wing span of six feet four inches. Her world record in the 200 meters backstroke, set at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, is 2:04.06. Ryan Lochte’s world record, set at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, was a full nine seconds faster at 1:53.94. If Franklin had been in that race, at her best she would have been about a half a lap behind Lochte when he finished, even though they are the same height and have just about the same wingspan.

In a world in which competitors were categorized by height and wingspan—or just height or just wingspan—instead of sex, Franklin would not have had a world record; she would not have been on the podium; in fact, she would not have made the team. In those circumstances, we might not even know her name.

The biological difference is insurmountable for women. Wishing it otherwise does not make it so: which means the Party of Women’s support for transgenders in athletics will be the end of biological women’s sports as we know it.

Put your feelings away and stop consigning biological girls and women to second-class-sports-history because of your obsession with social engineering.

You can find more here, and geek-out on some science and hard data.

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