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LGBT Issues Force Girls to Choose Between Privacy and Ostracism

Locker room

The culture clash is getting more press as girls begin to push back. Their privacy has been invaded, and no one even warmed them. At Pennsylvania’s Honesdale High School girls discovered the new transgender policy when they found a biological boy in women’s underwear in their locker room while they were changing.

Girls in other schools are reporting similar introductions to new school policies. Rule changes no one seems to know about except the boys appearing in what were once girls private spaces — a policy in some schools with an obvious contradiction.

“Female students cannot wear skin-tight clothing, yoga pants, spandex, tights, form-fitting blouses, or short tops that expose a bare midriff, short dresses or skirts, shorts … Yet the school does not find it objectionable to permit a female-attracted male student to view girls while they are undressed or for the girls to see the male student’s genitals outlined in [girls] underwear.”

Do more people than the left realizes think biological sex matters?

The whole point of having separate bathroom and locker rooms, she goes on, is “to provide an area for individuals to dress and undress outside of the presence of somebody of the opposite sex. Opening up restroom and locker room facilities to members of the opposite sex is sexual harassment.”

To answer my question, I think they know, and they don’t care. This isn’t about rights, privileges, or equality. It never is. The war on boys requires that actual girls sacrifice privacy to check another box on the Democrat’s bucket list. It is a priority that has feminists at odds with the Party with which they otherwise agree on a great deal. 

The Identity Politics Hierarchy

That’s just too bad for these feminists new age or old. On the left LGBTQ “rights” trump Women’s rights. And everyone else, for that matter. Including that once highly-regarded ‘right to privacy’ which I believe still applies to another left-wing womanly virtue, abortion.

Left-Wing Allusions aside, there is no right to privacy in the constitution. It is silent on such things. It is a matter for the states and the people to decide. 

Is this what they are deciding? Or, like the girls and parents are voters and taxpayers ‘discovering’ what the Left has done with the power they’ve been given?

Now that the left has made them care what will they do?

“…these girls are being put in an impossible position, [lawyer Andrea] Shaw argues in her formal complaint to the U.S. Department of Education.

“Given the culture’s treatment of LGBT issues, [she] has to choose between her privacy and ostracism.” Now that Wayne County is taking the boy’s side, girls are “unbearably uncomfortable”—and not just her client.

The Daily Singal piece closes with a series of quotes from Kristen Waggoner of the Alliance Defending Freedom. Including this gem.

“My privacy, my daughter’s privacy, and my mother’s privacy simply don’t depend on what a man thinks about his gender.”

No, they depend on what Democrats think they want a man to think about his gender. And they are cramming laws through local legislatures to make sure it stays that way.

Exit Question: Are these sorts of state or government mandated redefinitions that contradict an individual’s assumptions of what privacy means a violation of NH’s recently amended constitutional right to privacy?