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Judge Throws Out Case Against Cliven Bundy and Family, Bars Retrial


A District Court Judge has thrown out the government’s case against the Bundy Family over the now infamous standoff back in April of 2014. U.S. District Court Chief Judge Gloria Navarro “scolded the prosecution for violating the due process rights of the four defendants.”

Cliven Bundy, his sons Ammon and Ryan, and Ryan Payne — and dismissed the case “with prejudice,” meaning they cannot be retried on felony conspiracy and firearms charges stemming from the 2014 Nevada standoff.

“The court finds that the universal sense of justice has been violated,” said Judge Navarro, appointed to the bench by President Barack Obama in 2010, as reported by the Arizona Republic.

As you are probably already aware, Jerry DeLemus was at the Bundy Ranch. Federal agents arrested him at his home, and he eventually accepted a plea deal thanks to some very poor legal counsel. 

We interviewed him live from the Ranch in April of 2014.

Jerry is currently incarcerated. He is currently incarcerated. Efforts are still underway to get him pardoned or released.

Getting back to the Bundy’s case dismissal, the Washington Examiner did ask for an opinion of a liberal on this matter. It went about the way you’d expect.

Kieran Suckling, executive director of the Center on Biological Diversity, blamed the Justice Department for bumbling the prosecution.

“Federal prosecutors clearly bungled this case and let the Bundy’s get away with breaking the law,” said Mr. Suckling in a statement. “The Bundy’s rallied a militia to mount an armed insurrection against the government. The failure of this case will only embolden this violent and racist anti-government movement that wants to take over our public lands.”

Kieran has some interesting notions about property rights, and even the case itself. The Bundy’s didn’t do anything but make the case that their family had been grazing that land for generations when the government came to take their property. Private individuals went there of their own will to defend that property.

They didn’t attack the government. They just showed up, armed themselves, and said you can’t just take this family’s livelihood from a government that lied, hid evidence, and engaged in “flagrant prosecutorial misconduct” and withheld “potentially exculpatory” evidence.

Anyone who defends that sort of government needs to have their head examined.