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Granite State Taxpayers “Preserve the New Hampshire Advantage” Rally in Concord!

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Granite State Taxpayers

For Immediate Release

GST  will hold a “Preserve the New Hampshire Advantage” Rally in Concord!
The (no cost) Rally will start at 10:00 AM Saturday 3/30/19 on the Capital lawn.
Speakers at the Rally will describe exactly what is going on in the Legislature.
Attendees can click here to register so we know how many will attend.

Legislation in Concord will erode the New Hampshire Advantage.
Click here to see specific legislation of concern to Granite State Taxpayers.
Other groups (e.g.: family, 2nd Amendment, etc.) have similar concerns with legislation.
We’re inviting those other groups to stand with us.

Democrats control the Legislature. Only the Governor’s veto can deter them.
We need everyone to help us send a message and support New Hampshire.
Let’s show the Governor we support a veto of this progressive agenda.

Join Us in Concord to Preserve the New Hampshire Advantage!

For more information read our website post on 3/26/19.

Press Contact: Ray Chadwick, Chairman, Granite State Taxpayers

Link for Rally registration is