A New Feature for My Readers (And Listeners!) - Granite Grok

A New Feature for My Readers (And Listeners!)

One of the reasons our traffic has grown as much as it has is mobile traffic. The new web site looks great on mobile devices. It’s cleaner, easier to navigate, and a better experience. But mobile users can’t always read a post, so I’m presenting them with a second option.

Some of my content will now include narration. You can choose to listen not just read.

It won’t be every article I write. But select pieces that include the audio bar at the top of the post-page (as it is on this one) have the narration feature. Just click play and you can listen to the content while you drive, run, walk the dog, or just because you choose too.

Some folks would rather listen than read, and this gives mobile users another option when reading is not possible. If you use your PC or laptop, you can listen too!

And who knows, those audio files could include more material than the print version. Bonus material!

Feel free to let me know what you think and how I can improve that experience. And no, asking someone else to read them is not an option. Well, not yet. So, for now, you are stuck “listening” to me.