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QuickShot: Permitless Carry Clears Oklahoma House

Concealed carry gun woman

Two weeks ago we reported on Oklahoma’s HB2597 clearing a house committee. The bill would allow permitless carry in the state. Last Wednesday the bill cleared the State House and moved to the State Senate.

A bill in the Oklahoma Legislature that would remove licensing and training requirements for handgun owners cleared the state’s House of Representatives on Wednesday with mostly Republican support.

The bill – House Bill 2597 – passed in a 70-30 vote, with all 24 Democrats in opposition along with a handful of Republicans. A similar bill passed both the House and Senate last year but was vetoed by then-Gov. Mary Fallin over concerns from law enforcement.

New Hampshire has permitless carry, but Democrats in the state are considering a raft of new restrictions probably because, as Bearing Arms notes,

“anti-gun Democrats tend to think anyone who wants a gun is a stone-cold killer in the making, just looking for an opportunity to murder minorities for looking at them wrong or something.”

The rhetoric makes it sound that way. And the rank and file repeat those fears. How many times have we heard a Democrat cry “blood in the streets”?

They don’t trust us with our own money so why would they trust you with a firearm? But the real point is to ensure the government has a force majority. 

Nibbling at the edges works. Large bite are better. By any means and at every opportunity.