NH House Education Committee - HB101 & HB564: The NHSBA just made everyone's jaws drop to the floor (THUD!) - Granite Grok

NH House Education Committee – HB101 & HB564: The NHSBA just made everyone’s jaws drop to the floor (THUD!)


As I said earlier, GraniteGrok and our cameras were in Concord (NH) at the State Legislative Office Building to cover two sets of hearings having to do with bills being heard that would impact gun rights. Two have been given to the NH House Education Committee: HB101 having to do “This bill allows a school district, school administrative unit, or chartered public school to adopt and enforce a policy regulating firearms, firearms components, ammunition, firearms supplies, or knives within its jurisdiction” and HB564 “This bill prohibits carrying a firearm in a safe school zone”.

The one testimony that took EVERYONE by surprise was that by Barrett Christina, the Executive Director of the NH School Board Association.  To a person, everyone there that were opposed to these bills because they/we believed that the NHSBA would come out in a full fledged roar of approval. Who knew?

Most School Boards skew left – we’ve heard their words that teachers should not be armed.  To hear that they disapproved (waiting for something more stringent, as one person thought?) had a buzz going on for both sides of this issue.  Given that it was nearer to the end of the hearing time for HB101 and that they do carry weight, who knows what will happen?

I have many other videos to put up, as the Committee Chair limited most to 3 minutes because of the sheer number of people testifying (anecdotally, most opposed but I’ll get a count together later) but I felt that this should go up sooner than later.