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NH GOP: Stop the Democrat Silence


There’s a new Sheriff in town living at 10 Water Street in Concord and it is clear that Steve Stepanek, the new NH GOP Chair, is not content to sit behind a desk.  Defense is not going to be his strong suit – I’ll give him credit for taking the first steps and going on the offensive.  He recognizes that politics is war by other means and also has recognized what the NH GOP has done for years hasn’t been working well.

Yesterday he held an impromptu Presser in Manchester’s Victory Park.  While I or other Groksters were not able to attend, I was sent this video:

Stepanek is right – Democrats will go full throat when a Republican barely steps a big toe over some forbidden line in the sand.  OK, Ray Buckley – you, too, Senators Shaheen, Hassan and Congressmen Pappas and Kuster – where’s that hypocrisy coming from when it is your folks?  I’m betting that Steve will be willing to “make the call” when a Republican wanders off the reservation – when are you five going to be willing to do the same on your side?

Or is it that the #MeToo movement is only a Democrat facade and racism goes pale when done by one of your own?  And then you want the rest of us to take you seriously?

Consistency; I yell at Republican for not being consistent.  Now, the Dems are just easy pickin’s and you’ve only yourselves to blame.

To Steve Stepanek and Pam Tucker – hold that line.  Consistency breeds Trust.  Do not do that which you accuse the other side.

Besides, then we’ll have much less reason to balefully look askance as we have been the last couple of years.