I’m Not Sure If I Believe Governor “Coonman” - Granite Grok

I’m Not Sure If I Believe Governor “Coonman”


Opposition researchers finally found Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s racist college photos – but they belong to the Governor of Virginia. What a strange world we live in.

I watched some of the press conference during a break from splitting wood and quickly went back to splitting wood. I didn’t hear anyone in the assembled news media ask about one interesting college nickname “coonman” that went along with the blackface and KKK photos in Governor Northam’s college yearbook. It says, right under his graduation picture “coonman” and “goose” for nicknames.


Anyone hear a “reporter” managing this scandal ask the most obvious question?

Usually, when America finally tracks down a real racist there is a national gnashing of teeth. Not at this well-rehearsed news conference. It was almost what I would describe as a tired love-fest.

Sarah Huckabee must be in a sanitarium someplace after watching the softballs tossed at a racist Democrat Governor. She gets the third degree in repeat questions, pouting, stomping of feet, screaming and microphone hogging. Not today. Not with a liberal Democrat, Planned Parenthood plant.

The progressives in Virginia respect Governor Coonman’s favorable position on infanticide – and not backing down about it when challenged. The phrase “Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater” sure fits in this story somewhere.

What a perfect Democrat dilemma we have in Virginia.

The Democrats get everything they want and as suddenly as victory flops in their laps – BOOM, they have a baby killing racist to defend. Other photos and interviews with people who went to school with Governor Coonman are sure not to stop.

Here comes 2020!

I wonder what Republican* the Virginia Governor has called a racist in the past?

*Editor: His gubernatorial opponent Ed Gillespie