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Gun Control in the Statehouse yesterday


I have not been posting a lot lately and I HAVE to start making the changes to get out of my rut.  However, along with Groksters Kimberly (her reporting here), Tom, and Susan, I was at the Statehouse all day to cover the hearings for Democrat / civilian disarmament bills: 2 in Education that would allow (mostly leftist and therefore, mostly anti-gun) school boards

SIDENOTE:  I COULD NOT BELIEVE MY EARS when the executive director of the NH School Board Association said that the NHSBA did NOT recommend passage of these bills!!!  Pigs flying!

to set their own rules with respect to gun free zones and therefore start the small creep of home rule into NH.  While you might say “well, isn’t local control better?”, the answer is that if there are now 243 opposing / opposite / ever changing set of jurisdictions and sanctions, no, it isn’t.  The other two had to do with imposing waiting times on purchases and, with NH State Rep Katherine “hit’em when they’re old” Roger’s bill, that effectively takes out any use of guns by making it bureaucratically impossible to sell, train, or casually say yes to “Can I try your new gun?” here in NH, yesterday, I’m included to agree with Josh’s post here.

While I will be starting to put up the massive amount of video from yesterday (after my class this afternoon), one thing is clear – the other side, for all their words of “common-sense”, “common-ground”, and “this bill does not infringe on anyone’s Second Amendment Rights”, made it quite clear that there is no common ground, the Constitution really doesn’t mean what it says, and they ARE going to, via the death of a thousand cuts, continue to hammer away at making the Second Amendment virtually disappear.

And they really don’t think that anyone will stop them – they believe, like all the criminals that ignore the law, that all of us will obey it.

In a pig’s eye – like those in NJ, NY, CT, and CA are obeying their anti-gun laws.  And local law enforcement in those states and counties are already telling folks “we will not enforce them”. Hey, the Democrats made up these new rules such as #RESIST! – they aren’t gonna like the outcome when we on the Right start saying “OK, we WILL start living up to your new implementation of Alinsky’s rules: good and hard!”.

I promise, video later.  Including testimony from one person who EVERYONE on the Left and the Right were looking at each other in wonderment saying “where did THIS guy come from – and where is this going?”.  Hint”: it’s the Lottery’s fault!