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“First month on the job”

Steve stepanek_launch

Well, we did cover the NH GOP Convention where both a new Chair and Vice-Chair were chosen: Steve Stepanek and Pam Tucker.  Did an interview with Steve at the end of that gathering and my take away was that things were going to be different. Given that I’m on most political email distros in the State, the NH GOP is certainly one of them and certainly I have seen a difference in quantity, tone, and the quality of the message.  It is sharper, crisper – and much more to the point.  It’s no longer one sappy “presser” after another that basically were only pleadings looking for money.  While previous administrations talked about reinvigorating their grassroots, both Steve and Pam gave me the inkling of what their emphasis is going to be. Reaching out to conservative groups across the advocacy universe that have felt pushed away by the implied message that has been “vote for us but then shut up”.

I also saw something else that I haven’t see before from an NH GOP Chair – here, I’ll help you out:

It has been a busy first month for me here at the New Hampshire Republican Party, and we’re holding our federal delegation accountable for their inactions and silence while simultaneously getting things geared up to take back our majorities in New Hampshire.

In the last 30 days, I have expanded NHGOP fundraising, met with our allies in Washington, and the party has increased its footprint, all helping us to build an unprecedented grassroots operation for 2020. I’ve also put together a business plan to take back the New Hampshire House, Senate, Executive Council and a roadmap for replacing our two members of Congress and retiring Senator Jeanne Shaheen in 2020.

The party has also called out the Democrats for proposing bad legislation in the Granite State, like their attempts to implement an income tax, a capital gains tax, and their continued assaults on the Second Amendment.

Meanwhile, as New Hampshire Democrats are waging a war on Live Free or Die, our federal delegation can’t be bothered to comment on national scandals from their Democrat colleagues.

Why has there been absolute silence from Shaheen, Hassan, Kuster, and Pappas on Ralph Northam’s list of scandals, Justin Fairfax’s alleged sexual assaults, Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez’ Green New Deal, and Congresswoman Omar’s anti-Semitic comments and beliefs? It’s shameful. When Republicans do far less in terms of disgracing their offices or proposing radical policies, Democrats rarely avoid comments. But for the last month, this Democrat silence has propagated our state.

We’re doing a lot to turn our state around, and to build a New Hampshire Republican Party that will do better to support our candidates and further build our grassroots operation. Can you invest in the NHGOP today?

I told our State Committee that we would raise money, raise money, and raise even more money when I was elected a month ago – we’re well on our way to setting fundraising records this year, but we need your continued support as well!


Stephen Stepanek
NHGOP Chairman

Full disclosure: I have been a Republican since age 18.  Well, until a few years ago when Senate and House Republicans passed Medicaid Expansion and I went Independent in disgust. Leading up to that was what Democrats through at the TEA Party, whose values aligned with the “stated” GOP’s (but the GOP couldn’t stick to them come legislating and voting times). The TEA Party still dragged the GOP over the finish line but THEN the NH GOP decided to act similarly towards the TEA Party as the Dems. All of it culminated in the coup against the duly elected NH GOP Chair Jack Kimball (and TEA Party leader). Things started to sour.  Quickly and badly.

I would never say that the NH GOP had even a so-so grassroots capability.  Once since I became politically active did the NH GOP realize they needed help.That was Papa Smurf who embraced the NH TEA Party Coalition for the election – and then turned on us afterwards.  It’s clear that this was a huge mistake and both Steve and Pam acknowledged this in my interviews with them.

Certainly the NH GOP needs money – the two previous Chairs were disasters. Let’s see if we get updates from Steve who does have a track record in doing so – and soon.

I also wait to hear from our ‘Grok friends in the various conservative groups in which we either participate in or have friends. Are they being contacted?  Are they being asked to help in the areas of their expertise? And more importantly: are they being asked to come sit “at the table” as valued (even as they remain independent and refused to be “captured”) allies and friends with full participatory responsibilities?  I will tell you that feelers have been put out to GraniteGrok so I remain cautiously optimistic that the NH GOP is “getting” that they can’t push the proper candidates, issues, legislation, and votes by themselves – they need help (and lots of it).  But will they engender the correct kind and level of trust to earn it?

Words won’t do it.  Actions will, though, in a 360 degree operation that goes over the wall and starts making the rounds outside of the normal NH GOP fences.  And then opening the doors (and not in some reverse Trojan Horse operation like last time) and making it stick.

IF they can do it, and I’m willing to give them some time to show good faith, I’m betting that Ray Buckley will lose that smirk he’s had on his face since November.

And I can’t WAIT to see the looks on Democrat NH Reps Sherry Frost and Deb Stevens. Let’s make them targets, too!