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Democrat Congressman: ‘Right to Be Safe’ Trumps Right to Bear Arms

Eric Swalwell

California Democrat Eric Swalwell is excited. The House Judiciary Committee has hearings next week. And what’s getting jiggy with it in his California head? The idea that there is a right to safety that supersedes all others. And that Congress must act on the right to “safety” to the detriment of everything else.

Not that any such right exists. But then, when did that ever stop a Democrat if it gave them an excuse to violate actual rights?


Mr. Safety tweeted as much yesterday.

It’s Friday, so call me crazy, but I can’t wait for next week. On Wednesday, our @HouseJudiciary Committee will have the first hearing on gun violence in 8 years. A new Congress is putting your right to be safe over any other rights.

Then followed it up with this.

For too long, an NRA-controlled Congress failed to pass common-sense gun laws, instead of allowing the most dangerous weapons to be in the hands of the most dangerous people. Predictably, thousands have died. & Congress would respond w/ moments of silence & zero moments of action.

Sadly, Democrat’s “Common sense gun laws” and Safety are diametrically opposed in the real world. Ask residents of the South Side of Chicago if you need witnesses.

Or check with Detroit, St. Louis, Oakland, Memphis, Atlanta, Baltimore, or even DC. Democrat run cities where the Democrat’s Common Sense gun laws have eliminated safety from the conversation.

Congressman Swalwell thinks he is clever, but the evidence is stacked against him. Democrat gun laws make families less safe. So, the only question that remains is will some Republican have the common sense to put victims of Democrat safety before the committee? On the record. 

In the hopes that someone will realize we need our safety protected from the likes of Democrat Congressman Eric Swalwell.


Image: Foreign Policy