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Dear Annie: A Retired Air Force Officer Writes to Kuster


[From a retired Air Force Officer living in Nashua]

Subject: Dismal Congressional Actions

Dear Congresswoman Kuster,

I hesitated to write a note because our political philosophies are 180 degrees out of phase, and I realize anything I say will be of little value. I really don’t fault you for those differences, because you espouse all things left. I am disappointed with the entire Congress, both sides of the aisle, in the direction our U.S. is taking. I consider myself an independent. Unfortunately I have nowhere to go.

I served a total of 38 years in the USAF and Guard, under oath and not looking for acclaim. To think that I have to witness such behavior of elected officials is offensive to me. When my representative attends a SOTU address, I expect some type of decorum. In your case you missed it by a mile with the woman from NY. What a show! If you don’t like the President who America voted to lead, then do so in a civil manner. I’m not enthused with him either, but he was elected and deserves to be given the opportunity to do what he was elected to do. There is time to be rid of him in the next election. I think you should agree that he has accomplished a great deal that enhanced NH’s peoples lives.

National safety and security is paramount to our survival as a sovereign country, not to be toyed with as is currently being witnessed on the southern border. I realize fully the political ramifications brought forward by the hate of the POTUS. This is NO TIME to gamble on our security, none whatsoever. The funds to build a wall, if only to slow down an invasion, is minuscule compared to the cost of this thing in the near future. My grandchildren will bear the brunt of it. That saddens me. Does power mean so much to you folks down there that this has become a football?

I think of my comrades and friends, who I will be joining in future, at Boscawen [military cemetary], and their sacrifices made to keep this country free and prosperous. Was it for naught? Shame on Congress and the leadership of this country. I don’t wish to become “over” patriotic, but there are things, important things, that require our attention.

I read and hear of a civil war in our future. God forbid it! It is frightening to think of such an event. But I can envision it with events that we are witnessing. Simple things like the abolishment of the 2nd amendment. I don’t belong to the NRA, but thank God for their oversight and action.

Outlandish “tax reform.” The books can’t be balanced on the backs of “the rich.” You and I prosper because of the middle class which is slowly dissolving. The numbers tell the story. Taxing the rich does not solve a thing. The rich fuel the middle class engine. Is that so hard to understand? I wish I had more fuel, but I am responsible for my own well being.

Does it really make sense to destroy living, human babies the result of legislation? May God have mercy on all who participated in this holocaust. I am hopeful that the next election is taken seriously by the American people to understand what is happening to us.

We are blessed as a nation and we have forgotten those tenets that went into our development and evolving as the world’s leading civilization. Don’t you think it might be time to return to those ideas? My prayer is that both you and your colleagues on both sides of that senseless boundary step back and take a long hard look at where we are. Just what does compromise mean to you folks? Is the destruction of one man required to destroy years and generations of hard work, the sweat and determination in building our nation.

Congresswoman, as I said in the beginning, what I say will have little impact on you or the system, but it needs to be said by someone. I guess, or really hope you like a challenge. By the way, don’t wear white to the floor, it really isn’t your color. And stop running home to take pictures with the veterans.

An added note; a reply would be appreciated but not really expected. A terse little “thank you for your letter noted” is sufficient.

The best to you all

[An Officer] USAF (ret)