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The Dem’s Pasty White Slate in the Granite State

Liz warren

Bernie Sanders hasn’t formally announced for 2020. But he’s already got a ground game in place. It makes sense for the aging communist to run again. Liz Warren has already announced her pre-announcement. She’s running. With both trying to occupy the same ideological space this early in the race I’m calling it the pasty White Slate in the Granite State.

There are other far-left pretenders. And some of them have some color. But Sanders is from Vermont. Warren from Massachusetts. New Hampshire Democrats want to be Vermont and Massachusetts. So the thinking is that proximity and adoration with the destructive policies of neighboring states provide an advantage. They do.

New Hampshire is flooded with Liberals who fled those abrasive policies with a goal of making New Hampshire just as awful. And it’s working. Prominent Republicans regularly advance their agenda as if it were their own. The sorts of people who think John Kasich is the future of the GOP.

That’s like saying Bernie Sanders is the future of the GOP but in steps. And since Bernie is too old, we’d rather start with John and work our way leftward. That justifies their calling themselves conservatives. Leaping all the way to Bernie is too soon. We want to bleed out slowly. It will give the opportunity to act like we’re trying to prevent it.

The pasty White Slate in the Granite State.

Warren v. Bernie is happening. They will dominate the airspace in New Hampshire. Most of the next two years will be Left-Heavy with white guilt, class warfare, liberal privilege, and who can promise to give away the most stuff at your expense. Read Marx to get all the details before they go public. And the only thing that could make it more interesting is if they both decided to change genders in a last ditch effort to make driving us into a ditch more appealing than their pasty white opponent.

Oh, and if it matters, Warren is whiter.