Shutdown Blunder - In the Past Dem's Have Approved Billions for Border Security - Granite Grok

Shutdown Blunder – In the Past Dem’s Have Approved Billions for Border Security

Border Wall

In 2013 fifty-four Senate Democrats voted to approve 46 billion dollars for Border security including 700 miles of physical barrier. In 2006 Hillary, Barack, and Biden happily signed off on another 50 billion for border security. So money is no object.

An Associated Press report explained that the 700 miles of fencing included an additional 350 miles of new fencing. The funding was given in part to “ensure that 90 percent of would-be crossers are caught or turned back.”

We’ve shared Schumer Shutdown video of Chuck going on and on about immigration and border security. It’s not the money. It’s 100% partisan trump hating. Democrats know the people want this. They have supported it in the past. But they are obstructing it

So, every time you hear or read something from Democrats or the media about Federal employees going without a paycheck, that’s on them. They are on the record supporting billions for border security. And Democrats love to spend money.

So, Democrats are prolonging the purely political shutdown “suffering” because it is Donald Trump who is asking.

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