Setting Up at Pinkerton Academy for the NHGOP Annual Meeting [Updated] - Granite Grok

Setting Up at Pinkerton Academy for the NHGOP Annual Meeting [Updated]

setting up at Pinkerton for NHGOP meeting

GraniteGrok is on the road at Pinkerton Academy for the NHGOP Annual Meeting. We are here to cover the event from beginning to end. It’s also a field test for a pile of new equipment that we’ve never deployed. If all goes well we will provide live streaming coverage from multiple cameras and “reporters” throughout the course of the event.

Did I mention that we’ve never before attempted this?

So, a big thank you to the State Party for allowing us access and opportunity to do what we’ve been “gearing up” to do as part of our evolution to Grok 3.0.  Live event reporting without the filter of the traditional media.

How will it go? No idea. But check back soon for the streaming page. We can experience an initial success or struggle through the technical difficulties together.

And however that works out or does not, we’ll continue to blog updates as they become available. And will have plenty of after event video. So, watch for updates!

And hey, if you are here at the event, look for us. We’re wearing blue Grok shirts and Red Grok hats.

Check our Facebook page for updates as well!

Update: Everything appears to be working, but the final jump to the live stream is not. Worked yesterday. Working on getting it running today. Will keep sending pics and updates to Facebook while we work on the live stream issue.