Quick Thought: Seriously, WMUR? You're going to spend 6 hours covering.....snow? - Granite Grok

Quick Thought: Seriously, WMUR? You’re going to spend 6 hours covering…..snow?


Yesterday, today, and I’m betting tomorrow as well, WMURis boasting that that for SIX HOURS straight they are going to cover the weather story that “snow is falling”. From 6am to noon, nothing but snow.  Snow, snow, snow. Like as if we hadn’t already been told that a big storm was coming for several days?

I’m betting that we at home are going to be able to see it from our houses. I think the most oft used tool that the rest of us, not equipped with advanced radar and satellite downfeeds, will be – a window. Should work just dandy for the purpose we need (as in “yep, still snowing”).

Look, we all need to know about the weather and I could see them breaking into their normal programming for updates from time to time. However, how many times do we need to see some poor schlub reporter by the side of some highway / street / bike path / goat trail telling us “IT’S WINDY! IT’S COMING DOWN FAST!” before we all get the idea that the roads may be slick, the amounts are piling up, and be careful if you go outside? But for six hours straight?

Do they think that we’re all too stupid to either open a door or look out a window for six straight hours in order to see SNOW?

That’s all.  Just Top Notch World Beating newsroom decisions.  Snow.