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Local News in San Diego Exposes CNN’s Bias over Border Coverage

Sorry for the double-tap on the Current Narrative Network (CNN). But a local news channel in San Diego shared a story on the air, calling out CNN for trying to make news instead of reporting it. Which is not news to us but it is news.

As part of their coverage of the border fence debate, CNN decided to reach out to San Diego’s KUSI-TV to ask what locals think about the barrier separating their little chunk of America from Mexico.

KUSI was honest. They’ve done some leg work on this. And most of their local officials believe the wall works. It’s effective. That wasn’t the story CNN wanted to tell.

As KUSI points out, their factual story is a good one. And a nice contrast. Their local officials like the wall and are happy with it. They are focused on the needs of locals.

CNN didn’t want anything to do with that. They picked a side in a political fight and that’s the “news” they are looking to share.

We are not surprised.

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