Liz Warren Admits her Instagram Beer was "The Club Soda of Beers" - Granite Grok

Liz Warren Admits her Instagram Beer was “The Club Soda of Beers”

Liz warren

If you missed it soon to be Presidential candidate Liz Warren posted a live video on her Instagram feed. In the video, she is drinking a beer. The internet was quick to scold the pretendian for pretending to be something else she is not. Pandering to the working class. Something a Chardonnay Harvard Liberal should try to avoid. One pundit called it her Dukakis Tank moment.


But while I’m no fan of Liz Warren’s politics she partially redeemed herself for the fraud when she revealed what beer she was drinking. I guess the internet had to know. It was Michelob Ultra, “the club soda of beers,” as she called it.

She knows enough about beer to know that.

But did she know that Mich-Ultra is the ancient drink of her native American Ancestors? They would consume it while eating  Crab with Tomato Mayonnaise Dressing omelets. Out there in the ancestral lands a short trip down Route 65 from the Anheuser-Busch headquarters in St Louis.