Judge Orders Taxpayers to Pay for Sex-Reassignment Surgery of Convicted Child Sex-Offender

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A judge has ruled that the State of Idaho must pay for the sexual resignment surgery of a convicted child sex abuser. In his ruling Judge B. Lynn Winmill writes that the Idaho Department of Correction’s (IDOC) refusal to fund the pedophile’s sex-change surgery puts him at risk of irreparable harm.

A psychiatrist… diagnosed Edmo with “gender dysphoria” and for years he has pushed to get a sex change at taxpayer expense, asserting that he feels depressed, embarrassed and disgusted with his male genitalia.

You ready?

The court order states that WPATH’s standards of care for gender dysphoria include changes in gender expression, hormone therapy to feminize of masculinize the body and surgical changes of the primary or secondary sex characteristics. They also include hair removal through electrolysis, laser treatment or waxing, breast binding or padding, genital tucking or penile protheses, padding of hips or buttocks and changes in name and gender marker on identity documents. The ruling dedicates more than four pages to WPATH and its extensive list of transgender healthcare standards. Idaho officials have six months to provide the child sex offender with the surgery, which reportedly costs around $100,000.

This is, of course, an absurd request and unnecessary. As our readers well know, male and female bodies are colonial constructs that do not exist. This inmate does not suffer from gender dysphoria. There is no such thing if there is no difference between the sexes. They are a victim of colonial cultural dysphoria. The false assumption that physical variations in human anatomy denote any relationship to sex and gender. A concept forced on them by white Europeans. 

We wait patiently for the as yet to be determined number of sides (which don’t really exist) in this “debate” to start their own little civil war.

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