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Is President Trump Meeting the Covington Kids at the White House?

A student from Covington Catholic High School and Nathan Phillips

I think we can agree that if the Covington Catholic School kids visit Mr. Trump at the White House, they’ll have something about which to talk. Blatant, knee-jerk, liberal bias. A full court press by the lefty-media that lead to threats to these students health and lives. Reporting that was so one-sided, biased, and wrong, at least one “reporter” has already been fired (for threatening their lives, himself).

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Talk all you want about the Left’s violent Republicans narrative any sane observer can see the truth. It’s projection. But it’s worse than that. The left’s private, multi-billion dollar propaganda arm, disguising itself as a free press, is the projector.

Something with which Mr. Trump can relate. If they do meet. And a claim that is proven by the media’s reaction to the events on the Washington Mall.

Media Lies, within Lies

Everything about the coverage was backward. The students minded their own business even after some Black Hebrew Israelites (BHI) began harassing them.

The BHI members shouted profanities at the boys, calling them names such as “cracker,” “faggot,” and “pedophile,” and singled out a black student for abuse, saying he was a “n*gger” who was going to be murdered and have his organs harvested by the white kids.

Nathan Phillips, the professional liberal ax-grinder who lied about serving in Vietnam saw an opportunity and took it. But not even the way the media reported it.

According to one of the kids’ parents on Facebook, the leader initially focused on her daughter, but because her horrified reaction was not the sort of optics they were hoping to catch on camera, they moved on to the more rambunctious boys.

Phillips initial engagement was with a 15-year old girl there for the March for Life. I guess those optics were bad, so he moved over the white boy. And a news story was born. 

There was no reporting on how BHI was hurling hate-speech at some high school age kids. Nothing about a man in his sixties beating a drum in a 15-year old girls face.  It was white-hate and MAGA hats for everyone. A story that has fallen so far from the truth and produced so much hate form the left that lawsuits are in the air.

Retractions All Around or Else!

As noted in the PJ Media story linked above a Lawyers has volunteered to take any case, pro bono.

Barnes told PJ Media that he was working with the families to sue the media outlets that defamed them.

He said that “anyone who doesn’t correct and retract” their false smears would be subject to a lawsuit and that updated stories merely indicating “a more complex picture has emerged” would not necessarily be enough.

When asked if such stories would count as a retraction, he replied that it “depends.”

It will be interesting to see if this works. And if any followup reporting will include the truth. Including how Nathan Phillips lied about serving in Vietnam.

Note: The White House has not confirmed any report that the President is meeting with students from Covington.