How are the Covington boys any different than Rosa Parks? - Granite Grok

How are the Covington boys any different than Rosa Parks?

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They were innocent victims who stood silent and strong against threats and bullying. The so-called activists shouting at these teenagers are professional provocateurs with decades of experience – and for some reason – drums, pounding them inches from the boys’ faces. They were after photo ops.

Look at some of the hours and hours of selfie videos Nathan Phillips takes of himself and one stands out with a specific complaint – “We are not mascots.” This need to challenge college students from a college which had a Huron tribe mascot, decades ago. Phillips feigns outrage, professional-style outrage, that some college kids in 2015 were drinking and wearing Indian costumes at a private party near his home.

As with the Covington kids, Phillips wanders right into the path of this supposed racist activity directed at Native Americans in general. He claims a student threw a beer at him. This claim of beer throwing is standard Phillips fare. He has spun tales of beer being thrown at him several times.

I wonder if a group of college kids stomped up in Phillip’s face and beat a drum while chanting some incoherent tripe, would that offend him?

What if students beating a drum in Phillip’s face were white (That means privileged) and Catholic (Long the target of the left) and were wearing unacceptable headgear (MAGA hats)? Would this fake Viet Nam vet be offended? You bet your assets he would. Being offended is how he makes his living.

Rosa Parks and the Covington kids just wanted to exercise their right to enjoy and use a public place but were attacked. And that is what it was, a professional hit by trained activists, simply because of who the kids were and the color of their skin.

And the so-called Catholic priests who jumped all over the kids because of outside pressure to do so, they should give up those costumes they wear. Give them some little toy drums and kick them out of the local positions they “occupy.”

The Covington kids were well raised and a tribute to their school. With nothing but grit and smiles on their faces they completely disarmed one of the left’s most effective weapons – intimidation.