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Granite Grok Passes the Concord Monitor in Alexa Online Rankings

Grok Voice of New England

The last time we formally compared our Alexa Online ranking to other digital footprints in New Hampshire GraniteGrok was sixth on our list. That was last September, right after we launched Grok 3.0. Since then we’ve been caught up in the process of getting all the backend (and some front end) details squared away. I wasn’t really thinking about the ranking. I was writing. Researching. Looking for more content for our readers.

But last month something crazy happened. We doubled our traffic from November to December. January is on pace to beat that. And it occurred to me that with this rapid growth we should have improved our Alexa rank. And we did.

We passed the Conway Daily Sun and the Concord Monitor. And we are knocking on the door of the seacoast sites – and SeacoastOnline. (We’re already ahead of Foster’s in Global ranking).

Granite Grok is now number four on our list and hopefully climbing.

We have seen insane growth since launching the new site. Our audience has expanded westward. And we are expanding traffic across a growing part of the day. And before I post the numbers, I’d like to thank you.

We passed New Hampshire’s Liberal Paper of Record. You guys made that possible.

Now let’s pass the rest of them.

Here’s the latest ranking effective Monday, January 14th, 2019. Sorted by US Rank. (If we missed a site -or two – let me know and I’ll add it.)


Site Name (Sorted by US Rank) US Rank Global Rank
Union leader 10,569 66,673
SeacoastOnline 25,822 125,683
Fosters Daily Democrat 29,650 150,210
GraniteGrok               30,886                 140,583
Keene Sentinel 34,861 216,205
Concord Monitor 35,363 175,877
Conway Daily Sun 42,328 220,354
Nashua Telegraph 57,943 300,727
Laconia Daily Sun 67,786 317,308
Liberty Block 92,504 488,272
NH Journal 93,050 304,871
Manchester Ink Link 130,831 618,739
NH1 169,317 851,978 224,981 932,894
School Choice for NH 316,292 1,748,005
InDepthNH 436,704 2,201,911
Girard At Large 578,002 1,805,793
Josiah Bartlett 3,046,132 unranked
Miscellany Blue 4,673,475 unranked
CNHT 5,738,163 unranked
Granite State Taxpayers 9,070,219 unranked
Progressive Grok 12,168,671 unranked