Former Republican House Rep has Rear Window With Trump Stickers Smashed

Ann Copp, Car, Window Trump stickers

Republican Anne Copp had the rear window of her vehicle smashed on her way to work. The window has two Trump stickers in it. Though there is no evidence yet that this was the motivation for the “attack.” The police have however ruled out either a rock or a BB gun as the ‘weapon of choice.’

The Concord Monitor (reportedly) has a report (not linked), but according to friends of friends, it is riddled with errors.

” I chatted with Anne and she says the police investigator said they could rule out a rock or BB. They are working from the theory that it was a pellet or worse. Law Enforcement is going to look through video taken along Main street.

Also, she says the Monitor misquoted her:

#1 No Rep plates on her car as she is not currently serving.
#2 She was on her way to Work, not the State House.
#3 She never said she was shot because the evidence hadn’t been found.”

You can see the damage pictured above to the rear window of her Mazda 4-door sedan. (And nice Negron for Congress Sticker!) Anne is a former New Hampshire House Rep.

We will try to follow up on this story as it develops.