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Will New Hampshire Democrats Sell the Sec. of State’s Office to Out-of-State “Buyers”

New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner

In case you missed it partisan New Hampshire Democrat Colin Van Ostern got himself $250,000.00 to buy a non-partisan public office. Secretary of State. Today the New Hampshire House will vote on whether he succeeded. It’s Organization Day. The Legislature will convene to formally choose a Speaker, and take care of some housekeeping. Part of that process is electing New Hampshire’s Secretary of State.

Bill Gardner has had the job for a very long time. And while he is a Democrat, and we’ve found plenty to disagree about, he’s not a partisan hack like Van Ostern.

Democrats like to talk about money in politics. About out of state influence. Van Ostern spent a bunch of both.

In a few hours, we’ll learn whether that was all just talk.

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