Website Maintenance Update - Granite Grok

Website Maintenance Update

web construction

The Website continues to evolve in more subtle ways that I wanted to share.

We’ve resolved a search error. From the beginning of the reboot to Grok 3.0 adding a search term in the search bar at the top of the page could take you off-site. This was the result of the search engine prioritizing content we call “Local Links.”

ICYMI: NH House Republican Minority Announces “Leadership” Positions

Two of the new features we added provide content not native to GraniteGrok. The New Media Militia sidebar section and stuff we did not have time to blog about are just links to other sites and content. If the search term met the criteria the search function would pick these and send you there instead of just retrieving results.

Those two sections are no longer queried in search.

We’ve also added or corrected some archive links. Browse all video will now take you to the GrokTV library.

We’ve also added ‘previous post’ links below both sections on the home page that include recent content. 

We also resolved some backend issues that were invisible to readers but an inconvenience to us. And we’ll continue to look for ways to improve.

Feel fre to let us know what works for you and what does not.

Thanks for Reading.