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Planned Parenthood Video Calls ‘It’ a Baby Seven Times

Planned Parenthood calls it a baby

Planned Parenthood has a “helpful” instructional video series. In ‘How do I talk with my kid about where babies come from?” they discuss pregnancy and families. It is mostly about where ‘babies’ come from – that’s right, baby.

It’s not a lump of cells or a fetus. It’s a baby — not once but seven times in three minutes. And it starts…with conception.

What does it mean? Read the comments under the video.

“How do I talk to my kids about abortion in a way that they won’t feel bad that I could easily have had them killed?”

“Now do a video on how to explain partial birth/post viability abortion to kids”

When they are old enough, send them to see Gosnell. That should take care of it.

There is at least one abortion defender in comments as of this writing. And it’s not exactly a defense. It’s more of a “kids don’t know about abortion/why would they know” defense. So, the nutty leftists have not really gotten involved yet. But they should. Their abortion mothership has published an instructional video about how where babies come from.

They come from the womb and begin at conception.

Can the Left crap on us for saying the same thing ever again?

Of course, they can. But we don’t care and they are still wrong. Just ask Planned Parenthood.

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