Election Results Won't Change If The Faces Don't - Granite Grok

Election Results Won’t Change If The Faces Don’t

By the mid-term elections how is it possible that Muslim terrorist attacks in the U.S. ceased, the GDP reached 4.1%, wages went up, the stock market went up “bigly”, NATO was induced to pay its way, North Korea stopped launching missiles, bonuses were given out to workers, overall unemployment declined, Hispanic unemployment went down, black unemployment is the lowest since 1972, taxes were reduced, past regulations annulled, black entrepreneurship increased 400%, fewer people used food stamps, China was put in its place, NAFTA was renegotiated and the GOP lost control of the House? How does that make sense to anyone? How!

Not once did Republicans ride the crest. Not once did they mention the improvements. They were simply hoping, maybe it was assuming, that the American voter would remember. It should have been a Red Wave. Instead, Republicans added two seats to the Senate and lost the House of Representatives and yet somehow they feel victorious. How self satisfied, complacent and ignorant is that?

In the last two years Republicans have controlled the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives. They could have repealed Obamacare, improved healthcare, eliminated the departments of Energy, Education, HUD, withdrawn from Afghanistan, built the wall, defunded sanctuary cities, eliminated foreign aid, and used some of the money for infrastructure while cutting the deficit. But they didn’t. We know what they will do… but what is it Republicans stand for again?

Although the Republicans controlled the government, they made no effort to stop the administrative state from using government funds for leftist causes, they did not bring the judiciary to heal, nor did they take lawmaking back to Congress.  In fact, a number of Republicans attempted to have illegal immigrants become U.S. citizens knowing full well that they will vote Democratic. How ignorant is that? What are their values and principles?

More basically, the Republican Party’s files were hacked which is a problem. The Republican establishment used the same outfit for their IT needs that the DNC used when its files were hacked. That is failure to recognize a conflict of interest compounded by the failure to learn from the mistakes of others. As Ron White would say, “You can’t fix stupid.”

It might be time for a reassessment. What do you think? If the faces don’t change the election results surely won’t change either.