The Central American Caravans of illegal aliens – the Cloward-Piven’ing of the United States

carvan on the move

Invasion by other means – organized and funded.

I’ve written a lot about Cloward and Piven in the past (starting back in 2009) and the political “stunt” they tried in NYC in overwhelming the city via enlarging the number of people on its welfare rolls.  The thinking, so these self-identified socialist professors, is that it would cause “the system” to implode and then they could walk in and put their own economic and political systems in place.  They damn near pulled it off and almost sent NYC into bankruptcy.  Then they ran into Rudy Guiliani.

Now we are seeing this, bit by bit, being replicated by the group Pueblos Sin Frontieres – People Without Borders.

Watch the video by Ami Horowitz and it becomes clear that what we are hearing from the American Press is the actual reality (like “90-95% male):

Catch the end when you will hear what these illegal aliens say about who should be able to come to America.

American sovereignty?  Bah-humbug!

(H/T: Hot Air)