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Quick Thought – another thing on the NH GOP’s “we’ve done this to ourselves” list

The Tennessee Star picked up something that I had written at the very end of this post:

If the NH Republican Party wants to win, and win Consistently, act like you believe in the Platform.  Speak like you do and at each and every turn.  Vote like you do at each and every opportunity.  And Legislate like there’s no tomorrow because two days ago was that “no more tomorrow” – and you blew it

It’s another way to combine two of my favorite memes”

  • Consistency breeds Trust which yields Votes
  • Winning is only a precursor; what you do afterwards is more important

Once again, we see that the NH GOP’s elected representatives ignored the advice – and electorally had their heads handed to them by a beaming Ray Buckley (who, by the way, has no problem in raising money at all – even when they lose. And ALWAYS keeps the Democrats on message).

Sure, Jeb Bradley certainly is emblematic of the problem that the NH GOP done to itself – what does it really stand for?  No, not its Platform – that’s in black and white and it really is quite good and lays out a conservative, frugal, and limited government outlook combined with traditional NH Values.  If, as the Union Leader put it, the “NH GOP is soul searching in election’s wake“, should it not return to its Bible and its values?

Or is it the case that the Elites of the Party think it is merely for the “rubes”? Which then begs the question: for whom does the Party exist? Can the GOP Elite answer that question without placing themselves into Double Jeopardy no matter which way they answer?

I think the answer is “No” to that latter question which means they can’t answer the former one either.

Which tells you a foundational problem within the NH GOP that it refuses to face.